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It's been almost 2 years O__O

Hey everyone. I'm so sorry that I kinda deserted this place a while back and hadn't posted orz.

Anyways, I'm back now, and wondering if anyone still wanted translations of blogs? I know that the "hottest" artists now are different than those from 2 years ago, so I wanted to ask if anyone wanted any blogs to be translated and whose blogs?

I'm not posting a poll, because I will not pretend to know whom everyone likes. So please just comment on this post to let me know! Requests for general blog translations OR specific blog entries OR anything else I haven't mentioned are welcome!

Here's a quick form for you to copy/paste into the comments to make things easier for all of us:

<b>Artist's Name:</b>
<b>Link to blog:</b>

Hi, everyone!! I'm sorry to say this isn't a translation, yet. I'm working on them, though!! Sorry, everyone.. and thanks for being patient!

However, I do have a quick note about the friending meme I started over at the K ONE comm (I wanted to have it on the cpop comm, but the mods wouldn't get back to me;;;;).

Cpop Friending Meme~~

Join in on the fun!! ^___^

Quick mod post..

Hey everyone! Sorry I've been quite inactive lately... the holidays are coming up, and my teachers have been piling work on me *sigh*.. but again, I'm very sorry.

On a different note... Thanks to everyone who took the poll and gave me their input~ It seems like most people would like to see JJ's, YiDA's, K ONE members', and Danson Tang's blogs translated.. so this is what I decided: out of the above four artists, I'm a fan of three of them, but I will try to keep up with all four (with the exception of K ONE since there are FIVE blogs I would have to translate... so I'll need to think of a solution for K ONE). As you've all seen, I'm a pretty busy person, but I will do my best to keep on top of their entries (at least.. not more than 4-5 piling up at once).

And, I've actually decided to catch up on JJ and Darren (Darren because I love him.. and he has short posts) first.. he has a couple video posts that I might transcribe... I would sub them, but I have no idea about timing and encoding *swts*. So I might just post the link and a transcription (+ translation) of what's going on (if it's not an MV).

If anyone has anymore questions, comments, etc. Please leave a comment on this post OR e-mail me at uchi.sama[at]gmail[dot]com. Thanks!
No, this does not mean that I will only translate the most popular choice(s).. but I've realized that I really don't have all the time in the world to sit down and translate every artist's blog every time they post a new entry *swtdrops*. So I will try to choose a couple to focus on and to stay on top of :D. I'd like some help choosing the couple to focus on. So... a poll!

Poll #1098313 Blog translations~

Which Chinese artist's blog would you to see translated the most?! (Check 1-2 artists!)

JJ Lin
Fahrenheit main blog
Fahrenheit members' blogs (please specifiy which one(s) in a comment)
K ONE members' blogs (please specify which one(s) in a comment)
Other (please specify in a comment)

Thanks, everyone!

Requests Entry :D

Hey everyone! Here's the requests entry I promised! Feel free to post comments on here with entries (or even songs) you would like see translated! I will get to your requests when I get to them.. please be patient, since I am also a student and have lot of work to do other than maintaining this community (Sorry!)

Please give me links to the thing(s) you would like to see translated~~~!! (Also, I would prefer if it was in traditional chinese... since this is my main language (other than English). If you really have no where to turn to, then I will attempt to do what I can for you-- no guarantees though!)


JJ Lin Blog translation 12.09.07

A couple notes before I get to the translation.. JJ likes to post GIGANTIC pictures.. however, since I re-uploaded the pics onto PB, they are resized quite a bit.

12.09.07: Harvest!Collapse )


Hello everyone-- Welcome to cmusic_blogs! Yes I'm aware that this isn't the most creative title, but since I will be translating various artists' blogs, I decided that I couldn't just pick a song title or something relevant to one artist but not another :D.

So, for the first post.. I have a little bit of general information for everyone! (Please also be sure to take a look at the rules in the userinfo)~


{+} This is a community dedicated to translating the blogs of various Chinese (mainly from Taiwan) artists! Buuut, I might have some random other translations here and there
{+} Posting access is limited for the moment.. but if you think that it shouldn't be, contact me and I will consider letting all members post
{+} I will format all my translations as the artists format their own blog entries (since this was the way they wanted it to be read)
{+} I will re-upload any pictures the artists put up onto Photobucket (so some of them may be a little resized)
{+} If you would like to help me with any blog translations, feel free to contact me and I will give you posting access
{+} If you have any requests for specific blog entries (and/or artists' blogs), please leave them in the appropriate "Requests" entry [this entry will be made in a little bit]


I am unsure of what blogs to translate right now.. am taking requests!

For the moment, I have decided to translate the following artists' blogs (I will start with the most recent, but if I have time, I will try to catch up on some of the earlier entries):
1. JJ Lin
2. YiDA (some of his posts are in English, so I will translate only the chinese ones, obviously)
3. K ONE members (they each have their own blog.. I can't find LiYang's though, but I will be translating each of theirs)
4. Awaking (for the moment, I will be translating only the band blog and not Wesley's individual blog... but this is subject to change)
5. Fahrenheit (I've had a request to translate the main band blog, so I will add this to the list!)

** Also, I cannot find many other blogs, so if you want to give me links of artists' blogs, I might pick them up (if I am a fan of them.. if not, put it under the requests entry)