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JJ Lin Blog translation 12.09.07

A couple notes before I get to the translation.. JJ likes to post GIGANTIC pictures.. however, since I re-uploaded the pics onto PB, they are resized quite a bit.

12.09.07: Harvest!

This time I went back to Singapore, I didn't forget to stock up on "everyday things"! My new toy! Don't think that it's the regular PSP, it's actually the new edition, the ultra slim edition! PSP SLIM! Now it's not heavy anymore, I can put it in my own pocket, and take it out play on it whenever I have time!

Too bad the batteries became smaller, they don't hold as much power, so they will run out of power quicker! Whatever though, I can still play on it for 2-3 hours!

Look! It really is thinner!
---------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------。。。。
I've been really busy lately, running around everywhere, I also lost a lot of weight -->
(T/N: That's really unhealthy, JJ! Don't overwork yourself!!)
So, I ate a meal in Hong Kong Kuang* today! buffet!! The yummy leftover chocolate dessert--

Oh yeah, I was also beat up** by Will Pan today! He actually tricked me on a tv program today, asking to borrow money from me to buy a house! Good thing I'm more polite and said that I would check if I had enough money to lend him when I get back to Taiwan! Hahaha... Where is that $2000000 supposed to come from?!
Wan Chuan Yu Le***! Last time when I was on the program I beat someone up**, I didn't think that I would be beaten up*** so quickly... I'm really stupid, I actually didn't even suspect anything! I have to be more careful next time....

* - Hong Kong Kuang must be the name of a restaurant, because if I tried to translate it.. it would make no sense ;;
** - "Beat up" is not a literal translation.. it means something like make fun of or tease in addition to beat up.. --Sorry, this was the best way I could express it in English ;;
*** - Wan Chuan Yu Le (Completely Music) is a TV program in Taiwan that features many Taiwanese artists (the more popular ones usually) where they do silly things like interviews, skits, etc.


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Sep. 16th, 2007 09:36 pm (UTC)
shinichirouwaya, that is so cool of you to translate these blogs! Gosh, when I saw that 2nd pic of JJ, before I even read the caption I thought omg, he's lost alot of weight. I hope he's taking care of himself....
Sep. 16th, 2007 09:59 pm (UTC)
This is Awesome.

I would love to read more blogs by chinese artists. I have links for Gary Cao's blog and Danson Tang... but my chinese is really minimal so I would love if you could translate them. If you have time and want the links let me know :D
Sep. 18th, 2007 10:35 pm (UTC)
Haha, I just saw the clip of that program JJ was talking about! Lol, that was funny!
Thanks for doing this.
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