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08-09-07: Chen Ming Yi Suin Jian Zi Chao Ji Tong Meng Hui

This is our, K ONE's, new tv program
Chen Ming Yi Suin Jian Zi Chao Ji Tong Meng Hui (Becoming famous in a second: Super Kid's Union Show)

It's a really fun tv show
We got together a bunch of little kids
I, Darren, actually really like little kids
But I'm not good at dealing with kids

Our Kido is the real King of Children
I really admire him

This is a very creative tv show
With children judging children

Everyone must get ready to tune in

This is the long-awaited tv show that K ONE will host together
Chen Ming Yi Suin Jian Zi Chao Ji Tong Meng Hui
Every Saturday on the MingShi Channel
7:30-8:00 PM
Please put it in your schedule*! Thanks everyone!!

*In Chinese, this expression actually is "Please lock it in", but it basically means to make sure that you have this date

20.09.07: Wahaha...Thank you, everybody!

Haha! I'm Hou Yi*
Thank you, Chang-Er**...Thank you, Moon Rabbit***... Thank you, Wu-Gang****...
Thank you, fans...Thank you, friends...Thank you, dad...Thank you, mom
Thank you, big bro...Thank you, big sis...Thank you, uncle...Thank you, auntie...
Thank you, little brother...Thank you, little sister...
Thank you, Auntie Wang, my next door neighbor...
Thank you, Old Man Dong from the floor above...
Chen Min Yi Suin Jian*****...
Chao Ji Tong Meng Hui*****...
Received high viewing ratings...
Please support me!

*Hou Yi is a character from an old Chinese legend. In olden times, there used to be 9 suns in the sky. The suns' mother told them to each go out one at a time and shine light on the world. However, the 9 suns did not listen, and all of them went out at once. This was extremely bothersome for the people in the world.. and so, one day, Hou Yi, an archer, decides to cool down the earth by shooting down 8 of the suns. And he does. (Wiki Info)

**Chang Er is another legendary character.. she's the wife of Hou Yi (above) who is known for having taken her husband's "immortality" pill(s) and it made her so light that she floated up to the moon (and is still there today) (Wiki Info)

***Moon Rabbit is a legendary rabbit who lives on the moon (I'm not sure about the story behind this one...) ( Wiki Info?)

****Wu Gang is another legendary character relating to the moon. Because of certain reasons, he was sent to the moon and could only get off if he could cut down a tree growing on the moon-- every time he cut down the tree, it grew back.. so he's still up there. (A little wiki info)

***** 成民一瞬間超級童盟會(Chen Min Yi Suin Jian Zhao Ji Tong Meng Hui) is the new TV show that K ONE stars in. It features the members of K ONE as "big brothers" to a bunch of children! (description in 08-09 blog post)

--> If you're wondering why all the references to the legendary characters on the moon.. it's because The Mid-Autumn Festival is 25.09 this year! According to wikipedia, it's also known as the "moon festival".. but basically it's tradition for chinese families to eat Moon Cakes on this day and to look at the moon :D. (More info at Wiki)

T/N: Whew! That was a lot of notes!! I hope you enjoyed that!! Also, sorry for the wait! I've been a little busy with schoolwork this week :D.


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Sep. 22nd, 2007 03:01 am (UTC)
Lolz... I don't really know these artistes, but I found the notes highly interesting and amusing to read! ^_^ I seem to remember reading some of these in my Chinese textbook a long, long time ago...
Sep. 24th, 2007 06:13 am (UTC)
支持 usually means to support, or to back something. You usually hear it alot when actors or artists go on shows to promote their new work "要多多支持!" etc etc. Though it really doesn't really translate well in English, it's sound so... clumsy... :P

I guess that's one of the dilemmas of translating from Chinese to English ^^'
Sep. 24th, 2007 10:10 pm (UTC)
Yeah. I think I must have been a little tired when I translated that last line, since I know that's really what that means *swtdrops*.

It's actually a lot more translate-able (XD) than a lot of another phrases in Chinese though :P. It just comes with translating any language to another one.
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