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Hello everyone-- Welcome to cmusic_blogs! Yes I'm aware that this isn't the most creative title, but since I will be translating various artists' blogs, I decided that I couldn't just pick a song title or something relevant to one artist but not another :D.

So, for the first post.. I have a little bit of general information for everyone! (Please also be sure to take a look at the rules in the userinfo)~


{+} This is a community dedicated to translating the blogs of various Chinese (mainly from Taiwan) artists! Buuut, I might have some random other translations here and there
{+} Posting access is limited for the moment.. but if you think that it shouldn't be, contact me and I will consider letting all members post
{+} I will format all my translations as the artists format their own blog entries (since this was the way they wanted it to be read)
{+} I will re-upload any pictures the artists put up onto Photobucket (so some of them may be a little resized)
{+} If you would like to help me with any blog translations, feel free to contact me and I will give you posting access
{+} If you have any requests for specific blog entries (and/or artists' blogs), please leave them in the appropriate "Requests" entry [this entry will be made in a little bit]


I am unsure of what blogs to translate right now.. am taking requests!

For the moment, I have decided to translate the following artists' blogs (I will start with the most recent, but if I have time, I will try to catch up on some of the earlier entries):
1. JJ Lin
2. YiDA (some of his posts are in English, so I will translate only the chinese ones, obviously)
3. K ONE members (they each have their own blog.. I can't find LiYang's though, but I will be translating each of theirs)
4. Awaking (for the moment, I will be translating only the band blog and not Wesley's individual blog... but this is subject to change)
5. Fahrenheit (I've had a request to translate the main band blog, so I will add this to the list!)

** Also, I cannot find many other blogs, so if you want to give me links of artists' blogs, I might pick them up (if I am a fan of them.. if not, put it under the requests entry)


Sep. 16th, 2007 03:41 pm (UTC)
Heh. Thanks a lot for the links!! I really couldn't find LiYang's.. and now I know why -- his username is so .. er different from the other boys' (which are name_kone_w or something like that) XD.


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